Book 1: The Serpentine Garden Path


In 18th century England, exotic pleasure gardens are all the rage, and this is the setting where Susan Kirke, daughter of a gentleman, falls in love with the head gardener on her father’s estate. John Dean, her Mr. Right, is wrong in every way: wrong nationality, a Scot, wrong religion, Presbyterian, and worst of all, wrong class. When they confess their love to her father, he dismisses Dean and forbids Susan to see him again.

Sixteen-year-old Susan defies her parents’ attempt to marry her to her cousin, Herbert Fitzwilliam. While attending a masquerade with him, disguised as a man, she escapes to the streets of London in search of the gardener she loves.

When she finds Dean, they elope to his hometown of Dundee. On this journey, still in a man’s disguise, she finds that she must live up to the responsibilities of the costume when Dean is captured by a press gang and she alone can rescue him.

The romance ends as every romance must, with a marriage. However, happily ever after is belied in Books 2 and 3.




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