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About Me

When I read a book, I want to be taken away to another world, but I want to learn something too. Historical fiction really fits the bill for me, and that’s why I write it as well.

But far and away my favourite activity is writing well-researched historical fiction. My first five novels were based on the lives of my ancestors. I have been blessed with ancestors who have fascinating stories that need to be told, and, since this is fiction, I get to add my own spin and pump it up just that little bit more.

My latest novels, House of Crows and Tea at the Empress, tell the story of early Victoria though the lives of four generations of women. In the latest, Edith, who works for the Daily Colonist, strives to be a modern woman in a provincial town.

I have written several novels based on the lives of my ancestors. While doing family tree research, I came across the story of the Dean family, who were pioneers in Nova Scotia in 1795.  From their lives I have written four novels: The Serpentine Garden PathThe Gardener’s Wife , Letters from the Gardener,  A Garden in the Wilderness.

Another novel, The Loyalist, is based on the life of Michael Eisan,  who settled in Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia after the American Revolution. Its working title is The Loyalist. 

I am the president of the executive of Victoria Writers’ Society. We support writers in the Greater Victoria region. If you live on Vancouver Island, consider joining. Check us out at

Keep on reading and keep on writing. Your words are important.


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