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Daring Things We Have Done in Switzerland


I arrived in Zürich on the first of May. Having several hours to wait before my sister Margo’s train arrived. I attended a May Day parade.


“International Solidarite!”

Once Margo and I got together, we lost no time in searching out Roman ruins in Avenches, Switzerland.  Unfortunately, while jumping off this Roman theatre wall


I almost landed on these copulating snails.

Not especially daring you say, well how about this? I walked along these medieval ramparts near our hotel in Murton, Switzerland,


for a few steps anyway until a bird scared me and I had to go back.

It does get better, I promise. We left the tame flat lands behind and went up to the Swiss Alps. Here’s me hang-gliding.


Are you nuts? That’s just crazy.

Margo and I are both terrified of heights. Just spending 24 hours in the Swiss Alps is daring for us. But we took this cable car to get to the village where we stayed.

Cable car from Stechelberg to Grimmelwald

Cable car from Stechelberg to Gimmelwald

Liesi's Heart [aka heart attack] Place

Liesi’s Heart [aka heart attack] Place

We walked along this path,


looked down at this


and this,


and if you knew Margo and me, you would know these are very daring things for us to do. But the most daring thing of all was yet to come. During our stay in Gimmelwald, the cable car broke down and so, in order to get back down to safe ground, we had to take a mini bus up to the higher village of Murren, where we took another cable car. It just so happens this was the steepest cable car in the world! Normally, it is used for cargo only, but due to the technical difficulties, they stuffed it full of human cargo.

I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the marvelous view on the way down because I was too busy breathing deeply so I wouldn’t hyperventilate. Neither did Margo, as she had her eyes firmly shut through the whole experience. But we did survive our daring journey, and, when once again safe on terra firma, I took this picture.

Cable car from Murren to Spechelberg

Cable car from Murren to Spechelberg

As a final note, if it had been necessary to take a hang-glider down from Gimmelwald, I was prepared to spend the rest of my life in that beautiful little village.

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