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Day One of Research in South Carolina

We spent the morning in the Charleston Public Library searching for documentation that would indicate where my ancestor Michael Eisan might have owned land here. We found nothing to suggest that he even existed. Not being a genealogist, I did not despair. Such setbacks allow me to be even more inventive in my fiction.

Then we had lunch at a little bakery cafe the librarian suggested. I decided to try something local and had grits (kind of like savory cream of wheat) with shrimp and gravy. Now I like all of those things but would never have thought of putting them together. My taste buds tolerated but did not exult. Since I had grits for breakfast (people poured it on scrambled eggs and biscuits), we did not have supper at the Hominy Grill but went for Italian.

The afternoon we went to Charles Towne Landing. It was like a zoo, historical park, garden, all rolled into one. Lots of wonderfully interesting stuff about the original English settlement here back in 1670, a hundred years before Michael Eisan arrived. Great background.

Today, we are going to Savannah, not for research purposes, but because we can. It’s only a two-hour drive from Charleston.

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