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Dreams and Marketing

It’s fun to try and interpret your dreams. They can be so ridiculous, like a rummage sale of silly images in the mind. Take for instance, my dream last night. Of course, I only remember the few seconds before I woke up but here is what took place.

I dreamed I had just published a book and on the cover was a picture of me as a baby. Easy interpretation that: everyone knows my book is my baby. And then someone said, “Now go out and do interviews.” I was at a loss. Interviews with whom? Who wants to know about me and my baby?

Then, I had another dream. In the dirt I found this little creature that had a head the size of a radish. When I cleaned it up, I discovered it was a kitten, or maybe even a cat, but so tiny it could fit into a tea cup. I immediately thought of a lot of cat images I had seen on Facebook that day, but one stands out. There was a message, and I have to confess I can’t remember the message, but it came with a picture of a cute kitten. At the end of the message, the writer said, “The kitten is just to make you look at the message.”  Good marketing strategy!

Kittens bring out my maternal instinct. I want to look after and care for that baby or that kitten. But I saw a video on Facebook yesterday of a mother cat pushing her kitten down the stairs and I thought it was hilarious. I’m afraid that’s the kind of mother I became when my cute children grew up.

What has all this got to do with marketing?  The kitten is there to make you pay attention. It says, “Read this!” And I’m quite sure it means a whole lot more. I just haven’t figured out the complete meaning of the dream yet.

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