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Emerging Local Authors

Greater Victoria Public Library is a great supporter of local writers. This evening they are hosting a reception/book launch for the books of Victoria authors that have been published in the last few years. This is the second year they have done this– making local books available to local readers.

I want to thank the library for its support of writers in this city. These days, the publishing world is a very different place than what it once was. In the past, it was difficult to get published. Today, it is well-nigh impossible. When writers, out of desperation, self-publish, it is even more difficult to get their books into bookstores. We have to rely on the sale of e-books to get read at all. Yet GVPL puts our books in a special case right inside the entrance to the downtown library.

Last year, my novel The Serpentine Garden Path, was one of these books. Every time I went into the library, I would check to see if it was there, and most of the time it was not. Thank goodness! Someone was reading it.

This year the second book in The Compleat Gardener series will be on their shelves. The Gardener’s Wife, set in 18th century Scotland, tells the story of John Dean and his family at Ellon Castle near Aberdeen. You can read more about it elsewhere on this blog-site. You can purchase it as an ebook at Smashwords or You can order a hard copy through Create Space (an Amazon company). Or you can check it out at the Victoria Public library.

The Gardener's Wife paperback
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