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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all

Every so often my church calls on me to do the “Prayers of the People,” so I respond and read my prayer. If I have a modicum of writing talent, it is a gift from God, and so it is only right that I use that gift to pray on behalf of the people.

Here is my Thanksgiving prayer:

For sunlight through the trees throwing dappled shadows on the forest path,

for our talents that we use to shape the world according to your will,

for gravy and mashed potatoes, glistening turkey stuffed with savoury dressing, for pumpkin pie and whipped cream,

for the smiling faces of the ones we love,

for water, from the smallest teardrop to the largest ocean that nourishes us, baptizes us and fills our physical bodies,

for the pains and sorrows we endure in order to appreciate our blessings,

for grass so green it rests our souls,

for snow so white it invites our footprints, our snow angels, and the shooshing glide of skis across its surface,

for work which lies before us every day awaiting our best efforts,

for friends who keep us honest and keep our spirits from sagging,

for the postcard that arrives in the mail, the unexpected gift, the success we did not half believe in,

for the failure that makes us try again and try harder next time,

for sunsets that spread their fiery colours across the sky,

for our families,

for the unloved and forgotten people of the world,

for soldiers and peace-makers,

for the extraordinary life of your son Jesus who is still remembered and celebrated 2000 years after his death,

for the touch of your holy spirit that stirs and enlivens us,

for poetry, for music,

for a good book and a cup of hot tea on a cold afternoon,

for grandchildren, for partners, for Africa, for dreams, for flowers.

for all of these things and so many, many, many more,]

O God, we give you thanks.


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