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My first book on

I’m excited to announce that you can now buy a hard copy of my book The Serpentine Garden Path from

This is a prequel to A Garden in the Wilderness and the first book in the series I want to call The Compleat Gardener. Books one and two are still available as e-books. The publisher of  A Garden in the Wilderness, Borealis Press, tells me it will soon be an e-book as well. It will be a race to see whether book three or book is e-published first.

To clarify for those who are completely lost now, the series of The Compleat Gardener goes like this:

Book 1 The Serpentine Garden Path — John Dean and Susan Kirke’s love story (e-book available through and hard copy at

Book 2 The Gardener’s Wife — John and Susan’s years at Ellon Castle, Scotland(e-book available through

Book 3 Letters from a Belfast Gardener — John and Susan’s years in Ireland (not available yet)

Book 4 A Garden in the Wilderness — John and Susan’s years in Nova Scotia (available in hard copy from Borealis Press or in a few bookstores in Victoria)

Please take a look at samples on this website and at smashwords and Amazon to get an idea if you want to read more.

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