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I have been absent from these pages for a while. Trying to write close to 2000 words a day during the month of November in order to meet the National Novel Writing Month goal of 50,000 words as taken up my creative energy. Here we are on November 27, three days away from the end and a little more than 3000 words short and I have come to the end of my novel.

NaNoWriMo does not tell me what to do in this situation. Should I go back over it and pad it in places where it is a little scant, filling in the 3000 words here and there? But NaNoWriMo says we’re not supposed to edit. Isn’t adding a lot of words editing? I’m not sure, but I always thought so.

Should I just keep rambling on, tying up every loose end until it’s as tight as a ball of wool? That doesn’t seem right. Or should I just keep writing about what happens next in my character’s life, even though I had intended to end it here?

Or should I start on my next novel?

These may all seem like rhetorical questions, but hey, if anyone has the answer, let me know.

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