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New Cover for Letters from the Gardener

I have one copy left of the book Letters from the Gardener. I never really liked the old cover, so I decided that I would reissue it with a new cover. This one is designed by local graphic artist PJ Perdue, who has worked on the design of my most recent books.

Letters from the Gardener was first published ten years ago. It's the third book in The Compleat Gardener series, set in Ireland in the 1790s. I've always loved this story about the marital problems of John and Susan Dean set against the republican fervour of Northern Ireland during the time of the French Revolution. You can read more about it in the Books section of this website.

But before I reissued the novel, I reread it. Though I still love the story, I thought the beginning was weak and didn't draw the reader in. So, I rewrote it. I also thought the ending dragged on too long after the climax, so I rewrote that as well. I guess one learns a thing or two about writing after doing it for ten years.

So, now I am pleased to announce that Letters from the Gardener has been re-published as an e-book. It is no longer available on Smashwords but has moved to Draft2Digital because they have Print on Demand as well. Today, it is being released in a print edition. Look for it at Draft2Digital. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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