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Finally, I’ve e-published the second book in the Gardener series, The Gardener’s Wife. You can get a preview of it for free at

The cover is a photo I took in 2000 of the ruins of Ellon Castle where John Dean was the gardener in 1787. The garden is still there and is part of the Scottish National Trust. When I was there, I visited the local library and learned that the garden belonged to the “wicked” Earl of Aberdeen at the time Dean worked there. The Earl set up one of his mistresses, a woman from Sussex named Penelope Dering, in the castle.

Now Dean was a strict Presbyterian; I don’t think he would have much liked working for an immoral woman. My premise is that Penelope and Susan became fast friends, which caused a lot of friction in the marriage, and makes for good conflict. Read it and let me know if you agree.

I’ve also republished The Serpentine Garden Path. It is now available free, so that you can get hooked on the series. I hope you enjoy!

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