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Yesterday, I saw a poster that said: "Buy local or bye-bye local!" During this pandemic, it has become especially important to help out local businesses, and that goes for writers, publishers and bookstores.

My book House of Crows is written by a Victoria writer, published by a Vancouver publisher, and printed by a Canadian company. What's more it's set in the early days of Victoria. You can't get much more local than that.

House of Crows is available at bookstores in Victoria: Munro's, Bolen Books and Ivy's, as well as at Point Ellice House, one of the novel's settings. On the Island, it's available at Duncan (Volume One), Ladysmith (Salamander Books), Nanaimo (Window Seat Books and Chapters), Courtney (Laughing Oyster) and Comox (Blue Heron Books).

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