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Reading from House of Crows

Iluka Espresso is a new cafe on the Gorge that has a summer vibe. Just what you need on a cool December evening! It's situated where Craigflower Farm used to be 170 years ago. Today the address is 101 Island Highway by Admirals Bridge. There's lots of parking in the former motel parking lot.

Since Craigflower Farm is one of the settings in my novel House of Crows, I thought it would be the perfect place to do a reading from my latest historical fiction. House of Crows takes place in the Victoria of the nineteenth century. It weaves together the stories of three generations of settler women.

If you'd like to support a local business and a local writer, please check out this place and this book. For this event, you must be vaccinated and also masked, at least when not eating or drinking the wonderful treats that Serena will prepare for you. I'll be there at 7pm on Friday, December 3, See you there!

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