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South Carolina, Here We Come

I just booked my flights for a round the continent trip in September and October. Instead of a vague dream, it’s that much closer to a reality. The trip includes a book tour for A Garden in the Wilderness in Nova Scotia and a research trip for my present book in South Carolina.

I spent the month of November writing the Revolutionary War sequence in South Carolina. Then I discovered the book Blood Traitors and spent the last two weeks rewriting because I have more precise information about what was going on in the area where my ancestor Michael Eisan lived.

The sites of the two battles that I described (King’s Mountain and Ninety-Six) are national historic parks, so they should be much as they were then with the addition of a few plaques, and there is a nature sanctuary at Steven’s Creek in the area where Michael had his hundred acres. I look forward to writing vivid description to fill out my prose. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

I am also looking forward to seeing Charleston, or Charlestown as it was then. I passed through it briefly once thirty-seven years ago and it seemed an enchanting place. Kudos to my husband for accompanying me since it’s not his “land of dreams.”

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