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The Difficulty of Titles

As you know, my novel A Garden in the Wilderness was published by Borealis Press recently. It did not always have that title. I originally wanted to call it Back to the Garden, but a google search revealed the title was already being used for a film.

It is so important to do a google search before you stick a title on a book, especially when you’re e-publishing. It’s even more important to check out to see if there are any other books with the same title. I recently e-published my book The Serpentine Path, and when I went to look it up a while ago, I discovered there was already a book with the same title e-published in 2005. So, now I have to change the title, something that is not so difficult to do in the e-publishing world, but a pain, nevertheless. I’ve decided on The Serpentine Garden Path because it is at least close to the original.

Rigorous searches have led me to see the need to change all my novel titles. Over the next few days, you will see Exiled from Eden become The Gardener’s Wife, and Uprooted become Letters from Belfast.

Oh, the joys of choosing titles!

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