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The New Cover Reveal

Here's Edith in all her glory -- a new woman of the new century-- the 20th, that is. She's a flapper and a suffragist. She longs to be independent but she lives in a society that's not quite ready for all of that.

Victoria, her hometown, is Victorian in more ways than one. Edith works for the Daily Colonist as a copy-girl who wants to be so much more. And she has tea at the Empress Hotel named for the dowager queen of the last century. Her own mother is deeply entrenched in the idea of respectability, and well, Edith just doesn't quite cut it.

Thank you so much to James Picard who did the stunning artwork that conveys Edith's sense of freedom. Thanks

also to PJ Perdue, the graphic artist who put all the elements together. And last but not least my editor and publisher Kyle Hawke for making it all possible.

Now we are ready to launch this book out into the world. Come to Gorge Pavilion at Esquimalt Gorge Park at 6:30 on September 14 for the occasion. (Or get a Zoom link from me.)

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