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The Spirituality of Writing

Star Billing

Star Billing

Our writing workshop began yesterday evening. There were ten of us– nine women and one man. We talked about writing and then we wrote some. If you’d like to join us, we meet every Monday in June until the 23rd.

We meet at First Metropolitan United Church on Quadra Street. We come from diverse faiths and one of us just saw the sign on a bus and felt called to come.

Though I may have star-billing on the sign, this workshop is not about me. I do the exercises and learn along with everyone else.

Where does the spirituality come into it? If you don’t know what to write, I say, “Write what the spirit moves you to write.” Then I try to stir up the spirit as much as I can with prompts from great writers who have gone before or perhaps are still on the road with us.

This is not a critique group. It’s a caring, nurturing place for new writers, a place where I pray your confidence will grow. Come and try it out.

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