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Writers in Search of Readers

I'm so excited for our "Read Locally" Book Fair on Saturday, March 18 at First Met Church Hall at 923 Balmoral. So far, almost 20 tables have been booked with almost twice as many writers participating.

These local writers write in every imaginable genre. That means there is sure to be a book at the fair for for everyone who comes. And I'm sure some writer will write your name in it if you ask.

Perhaps you've picked up a book from the Emerging Local Writers shelf at the Greater Victoria downtown public library. Every year the library features new books by local writers. They have been doing this for nine years and have thousands of local books on their shelves. Last year alone, there were over 200 titles. If you've read any of these books, you might want to come out and talk to your favorite local writer and read something else that they've written.

This is me In 2019, receiving a gift from the library because I had submitted a book every year since the beginning of Emerging Local Authors.

Yes, I'm excited by the number of authors who will be at our Read Locally Book Fair, but I won't consider it a success until we've matched every writer with at least one reader. So, why don't you come out and check out the books. Mark the date in your calendar now. Saturday, March 18 from 10 am to 3 pm.

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