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Exploring Canadian Roots(3)

Saturday Champlain at HonfleurThe subtitle is a pun of David’s, of course, which requires that you shorten Samuel and know the French for Saturday.


In March,1603, Samuel Dr Champlain,geographer and explorer, left Honfleur to explore the St. Lawrence and travelled up to the rapids above Montreal. He is the founder of Quebec. (1608) and the father of New France, of which he was the governor from 1612 – 1635.

Honfleur Harbour

We stopped in this beautiful town for lunch. All that we could find in memory of Champlain on our walk around town was the inscription on a plaque quoted above and this restaurant:

P.S.: For those who like their history even older,here’s a photo of the ruins of a Gallo-Roman theatre.

Margo, I have better photos in my camera.

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