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Why Write?

Sometimes I go in to a book store, start looking at books and am overwhelmed! Not only do I not know which one to read, I start to wonder why I write. Does the world really need another book?

Thank you to my friend Zoe Dickinson who posted this on Facebook today:

Periodically I freak out because there are too many good books to read, and I could never possibly read them all. But that’s like saying there are too many chocolate bars in the world, and I can’t possibly eat them all. It’s true, I can’t – but if I take that attitude I won’t enjoy even the ones I can eat. The point isn’t getting to taste all of them, the point is that I have this amazing opportunity, being alive on this earth, to spend my days tasting chocolate and savouring wonderful books.

She is so right!

When I sit down to write every morning, it is like sitting down with a cup of tea and a box of chocolates. I indulge myself. I love it, and I hope whoever reads it later will also get pleasure from it. I don’t mean it’s always easy, but I love even the hard bits.

If you love writing, write. If you love reading, read. Trust that the books you need to read will come to you when you need them.

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