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Day Seven

Ship Harbour Community Hall

Thanks to the two lovely ladies who let us into the community hall and then stayed to talk with us for an hour when no one came. Our posters did not bring in one person. Oh well, lesson learned. Thanks to the two ladies who bought one book between them and then showed us the inside of St. Stephen’s Church so our time at Ship Harbour was not a complete waste of time.

Inside St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia

We also found the gravestone of my great-great-grandparents Charles Morrison Dean and Mary E. Garrett in the churchyard. The ladies at Ship Harbour assured me I will have more of a crowd when I come back with my book on Michael Eisan. If all the Eisans in the graveyard came to hear me read, there would be a full house.

Also, I sold three books this morning at Pier 22 in Halifax and at the end of the day there was a phone call on the answering machine from a friend in Victoria, Gordon Cann, who had bought The Serpentine Garden Path  at a charity auction at First-Met , and a copy of A Garden in the Wilderness as well, so the day ended on a positive note.

There will be no posts for Day 8 and 9 as I am taking a break. We will be going to Peggy’s Cove in a Mustang convertible. It’s a lovely day with plus 22 temp. and no cruise ships in the harbour.

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